A Meet With by Vernon Little

“A Meet With by Vernon Little” follows a disaffected child who is searching for someone to love. As a disaffected child, she is attracted to the disinterested Vernon Little, who is trying to find someone to fall in love with. However, she has other ideas and plans for the future. Read on to find out about this intriguing novel. Listed below are some of the book’s most memorable scenes.

Characterized by wide

The novel is set in a high-tech, tech-savvy city, where the residents of a college campus are sweaty and bloated. The characters are unself-conscious and are characterized by wide targets, tediously graphic psychosexual fixations, and limited vocabulary. Although it is a fast-paced, action-packed book, the dialogue is incredibly realistic, and many of the characters, both male and female, are likable, and there is a lot of witty humour in this book.


The novel features an unlikely pair of friends: a popular preacher and a high school teacher named Leona Dunt. Both of these women are members of Doris’ group of friends. They often stop by to visit her in her Eldorado. Despite being the center of attention, Vernon has some secrets he wouldn’t want to admit in public. He is forced to sit in jail awaiting a psychiatric evaluation as police try to tie him to the crime with another weapon.

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