For the New Age

The objective of this project is to produce live computational documents that serve as virtual experiments. This is a highly rigorous course, so students should expect to work extremely hard. However, the content is extremely interesting and can be engaging. Moreover, it can even be fun. Many students report that the experience of attending the course is quite different from their expectations. In fact, many of them have even found the course to be more challenging than what they were expecting.

Technoeconomic analysis

The course covers the classics such as Homer and Vergil, as well as Sophocles’ plays, which grapple with the most fundamental questions of ancient Graeco-Roman society. It is an excellent introduction to the concept of interdisciplinary collaboration, environmental science, and technoeconomic analysis, which has become deeply influential for the world today.


For the new age, the course also teaches students how to watch movies, how to integrate formal aesthetics into social content, and how to make a meaningful contribution to society. In addition, it enables students to work together in a group, and it encourages students to work together. The result is a more innovative industry and a more satisfied society.

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