How Much Internet Speed You Need for Netflix, Hulu, and other Video Streaming Platforms?

There is a minimum recommended internet speed to enjoy video streaming platforms like Netflix, Hulu, and Vudu. Besides, if you do not have information about the recommended internet speed you are likely to face hindrance while accessing content on these platforms. In these blogs, you will find all about the requirement of internet speed for accessing these video streaming platforms along with information about reliable high-speed internet service providers in your area.

Since the coronavirus outbreak happened following countrywide lockdowns in the United States, internet users caused a huge internet spark. And because this spark, occurred the major internet fluctuations for slow internet speed users. Apart from high internet usage across the country, some people’s choices of internet service providers made them a victim of internet speed fluctuation.

Without knowing about which internet service provider provides the best service in their area, they proceed to join the bandwagon by booking the service provider famous in their street. Well, to know the best internet service provider in your area all you need to do is click on this website and put your postal code in the bar so that the website can fetch all information about the best internet, phone, and TV cable service providers in your area. Ranging from Cox internet to Spectrum TV internet, know all about the best packages with these high internet speed service providers on one platform.

The great thing about connecting with a high-speed internet provider you do not need to constantly measure whether you have enough Mbps to access the following video streaming platforms.

Anyways, now that we know the imperativenessof having a high-speed internet service provider let us begin with knowing which Video streaming platform demands how much internet speed.


The go-to video streaming platforms for the majority of people, Netflix is being accessedfrequentlyduring quarantine as well. With hundreds of TV shows and movies, Netflix entertains users of every age.

Following are the recommended internet connection speed to stream content on Netflix:

For Video or Laptop

To view standard definition movies on computer and laptop the platform demands 0.5 MB/s. However, if you stream movies or TV shows from Netflix on a large screen with 0.5 Mb/s the quality will become grainy.

Netflix itself recommends at least 1.5 Mb/s internet speed to view its content in standard definition on laptop and computer devices.

For TV

If you want to enjoy watching your favorite TV shows and movies from Netflix on your TV set then you need at least 3.0 Mb/s internet speed.

Moreover, to view high definition videos and excellent video quality from Netflix, then 4.0 Mb/s and 5.0 Mb/s are required, respectively.

For 4k Ultra TV

To stream Netflix content in 4K Ultra TV 15 Mb/s minimum is required.

Additional information about Netflix is that the platform automatically detects the slow internet speed users. The platform then does not stream high definition quality video for low bandwidth users.


Another majorly used platform for watching movies and TV shows online, Hulu, requires following internet speed for smooth streaming on its platform:

For Hulu Library

For streaming Hulu library, a user requires 3.0 Mb/s.

For Live Streams

For live streams, Hulu requires 8.0 Mb/s internet speed.

For 4K Ultra HD videos.

To enjoy 4K Ultra HD videos on Hulu 16 Mb/s is necessary.


What is better than to spend time watching, buying, and enjoying movies on Vudu. However, unless you have the below-mentioned internet speed you cannot enjoy watching your favorite movies on the platform.

For standard-definition video

To enjoy streaming standard definition video users should have a minimum of 1.0 Mb/s internet speed.

For High Definition Videos

Who doesn’t love enjoying high video quality videos instead of struggling to find joy with the grainy videos? Well for this luxury make sure you have 4.5 Mb/s.

Moreover, Vudu demands 4.5 Mb/s for high definition, 1080p high definition audio, and video.

For 4K streaming

For 4K streaming, you need at least 11 Mb/s or more.

Now that you know how much internet speed you require for smooth streaming on the major video streaming platforms, we hope you are no longer going to stick with your pseudo “best” internet service provider.


Netflix, Hulu, and Vudu are everyone’s go-to paces for streaming movies and TV shows. But do you know how much internet speed these platforms require to run their videos smoothly? Know all about the required internet speed and how to get in touch with the best internet service providers in your area this in the blog above.

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