Insurances to Be Taken After Joint Substitution Medical Procedure

When deciding whether to get a joint replacement, it is best to discuss the cost with your doctor. Most insurance plans will cover the cost of joint replacements for up to four days, but some will cover a longer stay in a rehabilitation facility. Your doctor will be able to discuss your specific needs and potential coverage with you before the procedure. Once you have decided to get the joint replacement, you’ll need to figure out how much it will cost.

Eligible for Medicare

Before having the procedure, it’s important to find out what your insurance will cover. The costs for joint replacement surgery can be quite high, and it is essential to make sure that you’ll be able to pay them. You should also ask about the out-of-pocket costs before the surgery. If you’re eligible for Medicare, you should check out the Blue Cross Blue Shield Axis to see which hospitals accept your insurance.


After the surgery, you’ll likely need a number of medical tests, including blood work and urinalysis. It’s also possible that your primary care physician will need to evaluate your health to determine whether you’re a good candidate for joint replacement surgery. You may also need to seek preauthorization from your health insurance company. You’ll need to check with your doctor or insurance provider to see which procedures will be covered by your plan.

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