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Promote your content on Instagram effectively!

Promoting your business on Instagram seems like a task and a half. It feels easier hiring a website that does all the work for you. However, not every website is accurate enough to give what you need.

Instead of juggling different websites and tools, use these simple tricks to enhance your visibility and find people’s email addresses.

Before starting, let’s understand how big Instagram is,

  • 88% of all internet users are on Instagram.
  • There are currently 200 million business profiles and 2 million advertisers.
  • 70% of shoppers check Instagram for product discovery and reviews.
  • When you’re reading this, 1.3 million users are actively using the application!

Now that you’ve understood how humongous this app is – let’s dig in some more to learn how to create opportunities.

The classic hashtags

Adding hashtags will ensure to spread your content in all the relevant places. Hashtags are the ecosystem of social media. However, getting the right one for your post is crucial. Research a little about the ones that are trending currently and observe how your competitors are engaging. It will give you a place to start.

However, overdoing it will only repel public interest. Use no more than three words in a hashtag. There is a greater chance of confusing customer engagement when there are more than ten hashtags in the post. Since this platform is overcrowded, it is ideal to have carefully curated hashtags.

Not just Instagram

While it is a great place to initiate a customer engagement, Instagram is not the only means of effective communication. More than 90% of the marketing and salespeople swear by email marketing strategy. For every dollar spent, the Return On Investment is 4400 times making it the most efficient means for customer conversion.

Create a list of email contacts to send your regular newsletter and offers. Either request your followers to subscribe to your weekly/monthly newsletter or find the email addresses through email search tools like Its chrome extension finds people’s email addresses on LinkedIn and Gmail!

Consistency & storytelling

The modern consumer doesn’t care how many thousands of dollars you’ve spent on advertising. Instead, they want to listen to the inside story, an authentic narrative that made you come this far. When the audience relates to your storytelling, they will be keen on investing/buying the product.

Another aspect to consider on the Instagram platform is consistency. Posting stories every day with regular posts triggers algorithms to show your content to a larger audience. Of course, there are many creative fishes in the pond – but a lack of consistency will only drag them behind in the race!

Get creative

Instagram is a diverse platform that caters to a myriad of audiences. Though its primary objective is to allow people to share images and videos, you can take advantage of its many other aspects.

  • Collaborate with the other influencer to expose to each other’s audience.
  • Run a contest and ask the followers to tag their friends to win the prize.
  • Organise a live chat with the face of your brand.
  • Run ads on stories.
  • Create trending reels – if not, make one!

Final thoughts

The main objective of having an account on Instagram is to educate and entertain the audience. When you get the above points right, the steps get as easy as walking on a cake!

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