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Stunts to Make an Old House Look Brand New

Making an older home look brand new isn’t easy, but following a few simple tips can make the entire process go much more smoothly. The first step is to start with a clean slate. The interior of your home should be bright, airy, and inviting. Whether it’s the walls or the flooring, you should start with a neutral colour palette. You can add accents, such as a new staircase, to give your home a modern feel.

Looking online classic

Old houses have many features that can make them seem brand new. For example, many new houses are modeled after Colonial homes, and the rooms are stemmed from the main hall. Rather than replacing the carpet, you can simply replace the handrails to bring the look of woodwork. By looking online and in classified ads, you’ll find beautiful woodwork for less than you think. You can also rip up the carpet to give your home that classic, antique look.


If you’re tearing up the carpet, you can add that signature antique look by ripping it up. It doesn’t matter if the floors are tiled or hardwood. You’ll get the same look by removing the carpet. You can find inexpensive, quality materials at thrift stores and classified ads. You can also replace handrails. If you’re not ready to buy new ones, you can sell your old ones online or through a local auction site.

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