The Ruler of the Dark Gorilla Family is Grinding Away Once More

The black gorilla is the alpha male of the Kabirizi gorilla family, and he has been known to display his enormous teeth. In fact, the family has been habituated to humans for decades, and the ruler of the dark gorilla family is no exception. The problem is that the gorillas are becoming increasingly endangered because armed militias are claiming control of the old-growth forests.

Markings on his face

The ruling gorilla family in the US and Europe is named Ndakasi, a thirty-foot-tall gorilla with blue skin and black fur. He wears brown clothing made of plants, and has war markings on his face. In the game, Ndakasi stands up on all fours to fight enemies, and he is mostly hunted for his zenyte shard and ballista component drops. Gorzan fights all types of animals, and is not concerned with being neutral.


Unlike other primates, gorillas have a surprisingly high pre-money valuation. They are worth over $2 billion pre-money. While you may not be able to take advantage of this opportunity, there are still plenty of other ways to interact with them. You can join their ranks in the Gorilla Conservation Society. You can even volunteer to help them in their efforts. Aside from observing their behavior, the Gorillas are also an important part of their ecosystem.

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