The Significance of Site Visuals

Using visuals can help your website stand out from the competition and attract customers. Studies show that web pages with good images and graphics receive 94 percent more views than those with boring images. By using visuals, you can increase the chances of getting customers to stay on your website. If you are new to website design, here are some tips that will help you improve your visual communication. They will make your site look more professional and modern.

Presentation time increases

The first impression of a website is influenced by its complexity and prototypicality. Both factors are important, but the VC effect is stronger at 17 ms. As the presentation time increases, the PT effect becomes equally important. Using high-quality visuals will keep your visitors on your website longer. Adding more visuals can also increase your sales and revenue. Choosing the right visuals will allow you to improve your conversion rates.


Visual context is essential to conveying a message effectively. The use of color, images, and videos can increase the likelihood that a user will remember your website. A simple example is an architecture website. The user can explore the expertise section and discover that you are an expert on architectural design. By using color, images, and space, you can convey design, construction, and administrative expertise to the reader. Similarly, an aerospace engineering company uses bold visuals of airplanes. This makes it clear what they do, and the user doesn’t have to read the text.

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