There Are Seven Stages of Expertise You Should Be Aware of Extending to Your Software Development Process

There are seven stages of expertise that you should be aware of extending to your software development process. While these stages are important for your development as a software engineer, it is important to remember that the process does not end at any stage. Later in life, the stages may overlap. Feelings of shame and self-doubt in toddlers can have an impact on their development and further their growth through other stages of childhood.

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Extending your business

The first stage, called adolescence, is the time of identity and role confusion. It typically lasts until the age of 18, and is a time when people begin to define their adult identity and place in the world. The adolescent stage can be overwhelming and young people may not know what they want, or who they are. For this reason, it is important to understand that there are seven stages you should be aware of when extending your business.


The second stage is characterized by incomplete adaptation. This can include a limited awareness of the etheric realm and a lack of sensitivity to its effects. In the third stage, you will experience stagnation and self-absorption. During this phase, you should be responsible for establishing and maintaining your own boundaries and eliminating negative energy. A mature second stager should also be responsible for the elimination of negative energy.

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