Ways of Remaining Protected in the Work Environment

When you are at work, it’s important to remain protected as much as possible. The EEOC has outlined the ways in which you can protect yourself. The most important is to stay 6 feet away from other workers, which is about two arm lengths. While this distance may seem like a lot, it’s the minimum that ensures your safety. The rule of thumb is that you should never approach an individual in the workplace unless you’re absolutely certain that they’re not infected. You can also raise safety concerns if you feel uncomfortable.

Provide reimbursement

Vaccinations are an important part of a comprehensive protection strategy. In addition to providing time off from work to receive the vaccine, employers may also provide reimbursement for vaccines. There are three vaccines available in the United States that can help protect workers from severe illnesses from COVID-19. The CDC has published a Science Brief on the protections offered by these vaccines. Getting vaccinated is a great way to remain protected in the workplace.

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The CDC has also recommended that employers take proactive steps to protect workers from occupational hazards. For example, employers may provide employees with paid time off to get vaccinated. They can also provide information and educational materials that can help them protect themselves from infections. As a result, workers can remain protected and not fear losing their job. These steps can be implemented by an employer or a government agency. They can also be incorporated into a company’s overall safety plan by offering additional protections.

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